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Branding self or commonly known as personal branding refers to the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. But what does your brand need to offer? How do you build it ? Why build it ? Well, once you think about it I don’t have to reason with you why it’s important. Personal branding is now a prerequisite for one’s career success today.

More often than not, you would see successful people are brands and in certain cases, successful people are more popular than their firm’s brands. This is something most people notice on a daily basis, though we know it but we fail to execute it! Remember the guy who is half as good as you has a better image grows but not you – well dear friend he branded himself. It’s a common phenomenon for actors, politicians, and sportsmen. 

But why is building yourself as brand important? Can you tell a company branding is not important NO! they why not brand yourself too as you are the asset you want to build. Let’s take an example Donald Trump (yes he is a brand) what comes to your mind first Loud, Spontaneous, Racist, Anti-Muslim, Anti-terror, Old school & Ignorant,Will fight terror and a Billionaire turned politician. What you recall when someone takes his name is how he has branded himself (built brand that tells you who he is). Whatever he is but his brand is memorable, unique and people can identify him and hence will vote for him when compared to person has no identity! Of course Hilary Clinton is a positive brand and has higher chances of winning the election as she brand speaks trustworthy, reliable, genuine and consistent brand (Remember it’s not the party which plays as a brand here but the individual).

You are the brand and you represent what your brand is. Your personal brand needs to be is your choice and you need to define it, what it speaks however I recommend it should always be Consistent, Authentic,Unique and Popular (CAUP).

How to make it happen? Here are some pointers*(Collection of information from various sources):

• Assess: Before building yourself as brand introspect, understand your uniqueness, understand who you are, what you are what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, what motivates you? where do your stand today and what do you want to be known as ?(It even helps if you know what is your mission vision and goal (both sort term and long term)).

• Rethink: the way you view your yourself and your career. Don’t think of yourself as an employee but as an asset to that you own. Forget your job title. Ask yourself: What do I do that brings value? What I am most proud of? When people think of me what the first ting that comes to mind and what should be the first thing that comes to mind.

• Be genuine: Be honest about who you are to yourself and to others— your attributes and qualities. If you know yourself, you can promote an honest brand also will help know where you stand and you can improve by working on your weakness.

• Loyalty: Put loyalty to yourself first. Remember you are the most important person to yourself, not your company. Then be loyal to your team, your project, your customers, and your company.

• Learn from the big brands/ names around you: Identify what makes you distinctive from the competition. What have you done recently to make yourself stand out? What would your colleagues or your customers say is your greatest strength?

• Always make yourself visible: Build your profile internally and externally. Ways to do this include networking, signing up for high-profile projects, showcasing your skills in presentations or workshops, writing for internal or external publications, volunteering for committees or panel discussions at a conference.

• Be consistent: Be yourself or the definition that you have defined yourself to be seen as and ensure that your message is consistent.

• Market yourself and network: Your friends, colleagues, clients, and customers are an important marketing vehicle for your brand. What is said about you will determine the value of your brand.

• Learn to influence :Use your personal power, your role and your network. But use them sensitively and intelligently, or else you will not be regarded as a credible or trustworthy leader.

• Reassess: Keep checking what motivates you. What’s your personal definition of success? Write yourself a personal statement about why you work and check it regularly.

• Seek feedback: It’s critical to keep checking the value of your brand. This can be done by formal methods such as 360 feedback or informally, by asking people around you for honest and constructive feedback on your performance. Another good way to check is to go for job interviews, regardless of whether you wish to change jobs, which will help you test your market value.

• Reinvent yourself: Always reinvent yourself Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually and Emotionally.

• Evolve: Make sure as a brand or an individual you always evolve.

Remember you will valued as much as you value yourself or how you have branded self and placed yourself !

“You are a unique person in the world  try and be a copy – Anand Pillai”


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