Telemedicine a Biased Opinion!

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Most developed countries are using telemedicine as a support function to the existing healthcare facilities. However, in developing and underdeveloped countries, we use telemedicine to extend our healthcare reach while trying to squeeze the doctors’ time to cover more patients. (Yes, the shortage of doctors is severe and wide-spread).

Immaterial of the reasons, telemedicine across world has not been a successful model. The primary reason is not mistrust in the technology, but the absence of a 360 degree solution. This field is not only massive, but its potential for disruption is huge.

It is my belief that a telemedicine solution is not about a video conference and just a health record. If having a video conference solution and health record were the case, people could use “word file + email + skype”. It should actually be a bundle of solutions / modules put together as mentioned below :
1. Assisted self management system : Health record and a Health information system i.e. Personal health management.
2. Human resource management (Admin,healthcare professionals and patient) time , level and issue based.
3. Case management system
4. Video conferencing solution
5. Diagnosis and alert systems
6. Support and assistance systems
7. Recording system
8. Online and offline working systems
9. Multi level measurement systems
10.Prescription system

Above all this, it has to be a modular and modifiable system based on a countries’ medical, IT laws and structure. Telemedicine has to be nimble. It can’t function under strict rules but has to adopt itself in an agile environment. Anything less than any of these modules I’ve highlighted is an incomplete solution.

The only product available in the market today which is close to these aspects product and more is TeleMedCare telehealth product. You read more about it :

*All this is based on my observations when I’ve studied and worked closely with many of these products since 2009 to 2015

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