Central Poultry Development organisation (CPDO), in collaboration with Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, on Saturday inaugurated India’s first coin-operating egg vending machine in the city. On the occasion of World Egg day, a national symposium was organised at CPDO office, where representatives from around 10 states participated. Joint Secretary of the Poultry Development Organisation, Sanjay Bhoosreddy inaugurated the machine. As a part of the pilot project, the vending machine has been installed at the entry gate of the CPDO office, Industrial Area, Phase 1. By inserting the coins or by using the magnetic swipe card, a tray of eggs will be dispensed. The magnetic card will be issued at the CPDO office and the public will be able to use the card any number of times by getting it recharged.

A team of five students from VIT University have completed this project in six months. Speaking on the occasion, director of the organisation, Ravvi Kumar said he wishes to install 200 such machines in the city if the pilot project comes out to be successful among the residents.

Talking about the future plans, he added, “We plan to improve the vending machine by making it a cooked-egg machine by placing a dispenser and a heater inside, so that the public could eat boiled eggs by puting eggs inside it or by using the swipe cards.”

Developed by :

Students: Narrendar, Tilak, Shashank, Abhilash & Anuraag

Professor : Dr Denis Ashok

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Egg Vending Machine ( Poultry Automation )



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