A smart walking stick has been my lifelong interest and project. I commit via this post that I will stick to a walking stick for the following reasons :

  1. I am committed and focused that everything that i do has to do some social good and this was one of the first projects I had taken up
  2. Everyone gets old or special at some age and we need to care for them
  3. Having this stick will keep my innovator alive
  4. I have some back issue too so this tick helps

My current version of the walking stick should have the following features :

  1. Support for the person who wants it
  2. Should help in navigating and keep a count of the tasks
  3. Should be able to keep the user safe
  4. Should be able to provide charging – USB C
  5. Should be able to communicate

if you want to join this project please contact me on +91-9920248526

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