Tilak Ravi Krishnaswamy

By profession, I am a marketer by choice, a technophile by passion, engineer by qualification and entrepreneur by heart.

I choose to be an essentialist and a wannabe minimalist.

Area of expertise :
– Growth Hacking
– Product Marketing Management
– Internet of Things
– Wireless Networks
– Product Management
– Portfolio Management
– Scaleup Specialist

Awards and Recognition :

– Awarded by the NITTE and AIC 
( for designing a Environment disinfection process for warehouses)

– Awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture
( for designing a open-source vending machine concepts for the farmers)
Runner’s UP Award by IIT Madras for Cleaning Robot Design
( for designing and developing robot for cleaning a home )
Honeywell Bravo Silver Award
(For establishing a new control solutions business)
Honeywell Bravo Silver Award
( For Building a product for immediate delivery ensuring the largest win in the business)